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Kichijyoji Reiki Space Soleil

Kichijyoji Reiki Space Soleil

Inokashira "Mitakadai" station 5 minutes



Kichijyoji Reiki Space Soleil Representative

Reiki Master & Teacher for the Usui Reiki Natural System of Healing,
Fibonacci Healer,
Lomi Lomi Therapist,
Angel Therapist,

Eriko is a Japanese Reiki Master, teaching Reiki healing in Kichijyoji, Tokyo.
She has learned Reiki in NY where she was living from 2008 through 2012.

She also has trained in the use of other healing modalities such as;
Acutonics Harmonic Geometry:The Fibonacci Process.
Acutonics LevelⅠSound Gates to Meridian Harmonics.
Lomi Lomi,
Angel Therapy,
Life Stylist,
Lymph Massage.

Her interest is in an alternative medical care and a preventive medical program from her experience as a survivor from gynecology diseases.
Her other interest include YOGA, Cooking, Listening and playing music.

Eriko’s wish is for everyone to know the happiness of being NOW, express the joy of living and know true ourselves. In that, she believes we can live happily, joyfully and harmoniously.

Eriko Watanabe : Kichijyoji Reiki Space Soleil Representative