Enhance your life with natural healing, body treatment and spiritual training.

Kichijyoji Reiki Space Soleil

Kichijyoji Reiki Space Soleil

Inokashira "Mitakadai" station 5 minutes



About Reiki

Reiki is originally from Japan and now is popular in all over the world.
Students in medical schools in the US can learn Reiki as one of the alternative medical care and a preventive medical program. And insurances in Canada and UK cover Reiki sessions. It is one of the most effective techniques used in many healing methods.

You will see Reiki enhance the circulation and the immune system. Also you see the effectiveness when used with western medical care and other healing methods.

In the use of the medical area

  • Eases the clients’ nervousness before surgery
  • Provide some relief from pain after surgery
  • Suppress side effects
  • Been Used in hospice facilities
  • Enhance the effect combined with massage

Reiki is one of the family treatment which reaches the deepest level of organs.

You don’t need any tools for Reiki. You only receive a universal life force energy through your hands and give the healing energy to anyone or anything.

Happy pregnant woman

On healing your body and letting go of mental blocks and old beliefs, you go forward with joy and happiness.

You can heal animals, plants, food and places. You can also heal your past and future life.
One of the restaurant’s chefs starts cooking after Reiki healing for food. You can send Reiki to hotel rooms on your trip.
On completing the initial Reiki attunement, a connection will be opened. Once this connection is opened, it will never fade away.  

You may feel various changes not only in your body but also in your mind and spirit. And you also find that every person has a healing power within them.
We hope you use Reiki in daily life and live with joy and happiness.