Enhance your life with natural healing, body treatment and spiritual training.

Kichijyoji Reiki Space Soleil

Kichijyoji Reiki Space Soleil

Inokashira "Mitakadai" station 5 minutes


Reiki Class

Who want to learn Reiki

Welcome to Reiki.

You don’t need any tools for Reiki. You can just receive and give Reiki energy through your hands. You can heal not only your physical body but also your mind and spirit by releasing your negative thoughts and beliefs by the hand healing.

You can heal not only humans but also animals, plants, food and places. You can also send the energy for people who live far distance, nature, places, and an earth by distant Reiki.

You would be surprised to know that Reiki energy doesn’t have to do with distance, place and time. You can also heal your past life or future.

If you do Reiki for the first time, you will know that you won’t be exhausted by giving Reiki energy to others. It means that you will be healed at the same time.

I would like many people to let Reiki in to their daily life.



Level 1 ……Beginners. Anyone who is interested in Reiki
Level 2 ……Who has completed the level 1
Level 3 ……Who has completed the level 2
Level 4 ……Who has completed the level 3

What you learn in each level

Level 1
Open the connection for Reiki energy by 4 attunements.
Learn the basic of Reiki, Reiki History and basic hand positions.
Practice a healing for you and for others.
And learn basic breathing techniques, Aura cleaning and techniques for purification of body and mind.
You can acquire ways to use Reiki for everything in daily life.

Lebel 2
Initiated of 3 symbols and mantras of Reiki (4 attunements).
Learn to give distance healing and send Reiki energy to your past and future.
Not only learn the western Reiki techniques such as the Reiki box, but also learn the traditional Reiki techniques such as the Byosen method.

Level 3
Initiated of the Master symbol and the mantra (3 attunements).
Level 3 is the highest level in Reiki healing system.
Learn the meditation to connect with your higher self and the higher spirits.

Level 4
For the persons who want to teach Reiki to the others.
Learn the techniques for teaching and giving the Reiki attunement.
By learning knowledge as a Reiki master, you will be more deeply understanding of Reiki.

Reiki Class

Each class takes about 5 hours including a certification, an original textbook.

Class Fees:
Level 1 «group class» ……25,000 yen
Level 2 «group class» ……30,000 yen
Level 3 «group class» ……35,000 yen
Level 4(Reiki Master&Teather)«private class»
 who has completed Level 3 at Soleil ……65,000 yen
 who has completed Level 3 with other master ……80,000 yen
 (※including Level 1 to 3 review lessons)